Management ID Two Piece Tags

Cattle Pig
Height Width Diameter
XL Female 112mm 75mm
Large Female or Male 81mm 62mm
Medium Female or Male 60mm 56mm
Two Piece Button 29mm
Size Weight
XL Female 10.2 g
Large Female Large Male 6.6 g 6.0 g
Medium Female Medium Male 4.2 g 3.7 g
Button Female Button Male 2.1 g 1.8 g
    Product features

    All two piece Z Tags purchased for use as a third management tag are supplied separately in their male and female parts to offer flexibility and allow for any combination of the male and female to be chosen.

    Colours available: Yellow, White, Green, Blue, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple

    Print Options

    • Blank 
    • Printed 1 or 2 lines

    Pack Sizes

    • Blank - Individual pieces, 25/50 piece Packs (Single Flag)
    • Blank - 20 Tag Display Pack (Male & Female Flag)
    • Printed - Individual pieces